Knightly [adjective]

Definition of Knightly:


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Sentence/Example of Knightly:

A harder fate awaited the foremost knightly defenders of Kildrummy.

With a chivalry nearly knightly they came to the rescue, and gave woman a free pass into the regions of language and theology.

To sing then a song little Kirsten began, To the tune danced so many a bold knightly man.

The two first were simply intended as displays of knightly skill, and took their rise in the knightly sports of the ninth century.

It is the first time we hear of the Champion; but it was an age of knightly revivals, and this was probably one of them.

How gaily smile the heavens,The light winds whisper gay;For royal birth and knightly worthAre knit to one to-day.

For thy sake I ask it—I would but be a mate and help more meetFor all thy knightly virtues.

It is not for his sword or for his song that he lives in the deathless company of Englands heroes, but for his knightly heart.

Feeling herself unworthy in the presence of a true knightly soul, Miss Atherton held him untiringly in her arms.

"And I am finding repayment now for what I was happy to do," he said, kissing her hand again in that far-off knightly fashion.