Knights [noun]

Definition of Knights:

noble person

Synonyms of Knights:

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Sentence/Example of Knights:

“Take no thought for the morrow” was a maxim dear to the heart of these knights of the pen.

Sir William was arrested at Berwick, with 360 squires in his livery (says Barbour), to say nothing of 'joly' knights.

The hero of the adventure does not compete with any number of knights, but is each day confronted with a chosen champion.

A conspiracy discovered at Malta against the knights; 125 slaves suffered death.

Legends accumulate here around the persons of Arthur and his knights.

Andrea turns to his knights, and leaving the room with them points to the flag bearing thePg 224 block and axe as emblems.

But he had neither the gentle troubadour's art, as the knights of Provence, nor the deeper lore of the Spaniard.

Launcelot retreated to his town and castle of Joyous Gard, and gathered there a great following of knights.

They command every approach, and when the Church's knights arrive, there's going to be music.

It is absolutely true that we shall have to fight nobody but these thirty thousand knights.