Knob [noun]

Definition of Knob:

lump, handle

Synonyms of Knob:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knob:

Sentence/Example of Knob:

They are easy to swap out in seconds with a quick-release knob.

Using the two buttons in the front and single knob to control the grind amount, you have full control over your coffee.

WTB’s Venture hits the sweet spot with a fast-rolling center tread pattern for pavement and sturdy edge knobs that instill confidence when turning on sandy or rocky gravel roads.

There is some granularity, and companies can adjust the knob depending on specific needs.

It’s super easy to use, just plug it in, set your desired temperature with the control knob, wait until the “ready” indicator light turns on, and pour your batter.

If an uninfected person now handles that door knob, cup or pen, the virus could transfer to the healthy person’s hands.

With people touching their faces every two-and-a-half minutes, on average it’s easy to see how the virus gets on our hands, and then we can spread it to commonly used surfaces like door knobs, a plastic handle in the subway or someone else’s hand.

The lone pine on the stone cap of Gander Knob waved its farewell, and we clattered down the long slope into the great world.

A stop-knob bearing the inscription, "Noli me tangere" (touch me not), was attached to the console.

Mrs. Ducksmith parted her smooth black hair in the middle and fastened it in a knob at the back of her head.