Knobbed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Knobbed:

Honda had to backpedal and put volume knobs back into their cars.

That said, my philosophy is that if the pan is in the lowest third of the oven, you might as well just crank the knob to 350 or 400 degrees and leave the direct-heat cooking for another time.

The giant knob for setting one of the seven browning levels is an eye-catching red, and the extra-wide slots can accommodate anything from sliced bread to bagels.

By adjusting their hormonal knobs, the team was able to dial in lignin production.

Gail trailed him through the house with Microban, spraying the knobs and light switches.

You notice that if you wiggle the knob, you hear voices coming out of the radio.

There are temperature, angle, and pressure knobs to give you complete control.

They were helmeted and in bullet-proofs; one of them had an auto-rifle, and the rest carried knobbed plastic truncheons.

Then the knobbed limbs snapped the white metal tube to a level position.

Then I saw him reaching with a knobbed claw for a slender silver tube slung to his harness.