Knolls [noun]

Definition of Knolls:

small hill

Synonyms of Knolls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knolls:

Sentence/Example of Knolls:

Sitting on that knoll of oversized wood chips, I surveyed the way the land unnaturally crested and dipped and plateaued—evidence of large swaths of earth moved here and there.

The ruin of the Carter house stood upon a knoll, several great elms sheltering it.

It occupies a commanding position on a knoll and is surrounded by a group of fine trees.

Ida saw only a graceful knoll, bounded, except towards the west, by a chain of more imposing eminences.

Rising a little knoll soon after making the third ford, I came suddenly upon the familiar stopping-place of my former journey.

Perched on a knoll in the hills were gay pavilions, and above them glittered a sultan's twin banners, silver and gold.

At my summer home, the very coolest and pleasantest spot to be found on a hot day is a grassy knoll, shaded by a great tree.

As he was advancing towards the plantation, Grace Morgan came out of a bushy knoll and confronted him.

A few carbine and musket shots, from the knoll and house, soon brought them to a halt, and sent them to the right-about.

Occupy the house with half-a-dozen muskets, and that knoll with as many more, and not a man of them can come on the peninsula.