Knotted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Knotted:

Percussion massagerThe oscillating head on the motorized Hyperice Hypervolt rapidly pounds your muscles, increasing blood flow and relaxing knotted tissue.

Inflicting intense pain on a knotted muscle won’t make it relax or stretch any faster, so keep the pressure at a level that doesn’t make you wince.

A wisp of wheat was knotted round her neck for a necklace, and a perfect sheaf of it in her hair.

Across his shoulder he carried a bundle knotted into an old red handkerchief with a polka spot.

Sam knotted the sheets together in sailor-like fashion, while his friend made a secure bundle of old Liz with the blanket.

He felt no soft pine needles under his moccasined feet, only the knotted roots of trees.

Seconds later the knotted drape she had used before swayed down into sight, I grasped it to steady it.

The boys instantly took out their handkerchiefs, and knotted them tight.

He carries a fishing pole made from a tree twig and equipped with a thread knotted frequently and a bent pin for hook.

The knotted rope with the hooks at its end fell down beneath his feet, swinging against the side of the little Douvre.