Knotty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Knotty:

It involved a geometric object called the amplituhedron that had been proposed as the answer to one of the knottiest problems in physics.

Nebraska just lost a knotty one at Iowa and complained its center struggled with snaps because of clapping from the Iowa sideline.

Also in this content collection, get help untangling some of AI’s newest, and knottiest, concepts.

Our nicely worked out system for supplying the troops has in a moment been tangled up into a hundred knotty problems.

The Cuban debts and the future of the Philippines were really the knotty points in the entire debate.

De Robeck and Keyes came over from the Triad to unravel knotty points.

His envoys had proposed to refer the knotty point to the decision of His Holiness; but 'this they absolutely declined.'

Landy Spencer drummed his knotty fingers on the armchair and looked thoughtfully at the old Nestor seated at his fireside.

The inspired gentleman put the problem as a knotty one, and begged the assistance of the clever Iconoclast.

Again the major held his peace, as if he were debating some knotty point with himself—the table-clearing giving him his chance.