Knout [noun]

Definition of Knout:

length of material for hitting

Synonyms of Knout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knout:

Sentence/Example of Knout:

It could not have been less severe than the knout of Russia, and we may well believe that slaves died beneath its blows.

He gave himself up to justice, received the knout and was transported for life.

Knout and axe made their appearance in the penal code, flesh and blood cheapened in the market of civil life.

Tyranny, misery, and the knout are the chief ingredients of the savoury dish.

If he is accused of having harboured a fugitive like me, and cannot give an account of me, the knout and Siberia will be his fate.

Anyway, if the president of the police does not take the matter in hand, we will administer the knout ourselves.

At the least whisper of such a slander an inferior would receive the knout, an equal be shot.

He said that one of his purposes in staying in town, was to 'knout' me every day—didn't he?

There had been no outlet for escape, and he could not go back the way he had come, for the mines and the knout awaited him.

More women and children objecting to their masters' pleasure—slavery, the knout, the branding iron, death by starvation and abuse.