Knowable [adjective]

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He and other mathematicians are mainly interested in using the game as a yardstick for gauging the difficulty of important open problems in mathematics — or for figuring out what is mathematically knowable at all.

Nor can it indeed be admitted as true — That the elements are unknowable, and the compound alone knowable.

This is much more human and knowable, with a deep breast and massive limbs, a powerful mountain-body.

Concrete general names (and the meaning of abstract names depends on the concrete) should have a fixed and knowable connotation.

The sense world (mundus sensibilis) lies open to our senses and our intellect, and is empirically knowable within certain limits.

And it is within the limits of the knowable that Shakespeare's theology confines itself.

These presentations we call true, and we are convinced that their content corresponds to the knowable aspect of things.

We do not know the “thing in itself” that lies behind these knowable phenomena.

Leibnitz, it has been said, was the last of the intellectual giants of old who mastered all that was knowable in his day.

For both rest upon a separation of moral ideas and feelings from knowable facts of life, man and the world.