Knowingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Knowingly:

Whose parents almost certainly dream of their children’s desperate cries — and awake knowing they can’t reach their kids.

So this season, rest easy knowing that you can shop Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty, and hundreds of other brands all in one place.

The trader smiled knowingly, for he knew that the major esteemed himself the best.

I have heard of you before, knowingly spoke the violinist, nodding his head sadly.

"He wears the good-luck stone," the old people said as they sat around the fire, and they nodded their heads knowingly.

The watcher grinned knowingly and, rather than enter into explanations, she hastily thrust a bill into his hand and dismissed him.

Kurds are not too particular under these circumstances, though they will not eat the meat knowingly.

It was impossible, it may be said, that such could be the fact, and the officers looked knowingly at each other.

"It's the way to make you like her worse," Mr. Carteret knowingly declared.

As it is our intention in this work to keep as close as possible to facts, we shall not, knowingly, deal in fiction or fable.