Knuckles [noun]

Definition of Knuckles:

metal covering for fingers

Synonyms of Knuckles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knuckles:


Sentence/Example of Knuckles:

Mademoiselle snatched it from the hand, which was very tiny, and pink, with dimples where grown up folk have knuckles.

Aristide, however, went up to the door; as there was neither knocker nor bell, he rapped with his knuckles.

Marius, without further heeding him, stepped to mademoiselle's door and rapped on a panel with brisk knuckles.

She shrank back, her hands locking themselves one in the other till the knuckles showed white.

Mike could push his knuckles hard into the faces of people who owed him money, and he'd never even be arrested.

He pressed his knuckles against his lips and said, frowning, Well, that leaves only one more thing to do.

He stared blankly at the table and then brought his knuckles up against his teeth with a deep breath.

He rapped at the door with his knuckles, and a girl of about fourteen, very neatly dressed, answered the summons.

Her fingers worked at the lapel of my collar; by bending my head I could have touched her small white knuckles with my lips.

So he rapped his head with his knuckles, and they laughed together as young happy things do at trifles.