Knurled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Knurled:

Ennis, tensing to spring toward Ruth, saw the two priests at the gray mechanism swiftly turn the knurled black knobs.

On the disk are two projections KK, which are knurled, thus providing a grip when operating the tool.

The knurled cap D tightens the split chuck in order to hold the measuring rod firmly.

The handle, Fig. 36, clamps over the knurled part of the frame for use in small, deep holes.

The blade is clamped in position by the knurled nut N at the back, and can be thus adjusted to any angle.

The knurled retaining screw turned easily; the cup dropped into Brett's hand.

Upon its circumference is a knurled or milled nut c, which is threaded internally to receive the threaded wings of the bush b.

To operate d it is knurled or milled at g, or it may have pin spanner holes as at h.

A knurled locking nut is also provided for holding the scriber in any fixed position.

This head may be secured in any desired position by means of a knurled thumb nut.