Kobold [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kobold:

But he reproved her conduct, and even struggled with the kobold who tried to prevent his releasing her from the crab.

It touches not thy noble person, which pleases me right well, but simply thy house and castle Kobold.

The student crawled back to the bench; but in a quarter of an hour the Kobold began his work anew, sweeping, cleaning, wiping.

They were at length resolved to lay themselves down close together upon the flat floor; but the Kobold left them not in peace.

When a vessel is doomed the kobold appears smoking a short pipe, dressed in yellow, and wearing a night-cap.

The kobold of the phantom ship is named KlabotĀ“erman, a kobold who helps sailors at their work, but beats those who are idle.

The German miners gave to an ore which they considered useless the name kobalt, from kobold, a goblin, gnome.

And Joseph Ribas was the merry, always-cheerful, always-serious Kobold of this invisible deity!

Never before nor since that pictorial performance did the wonderful Kobold of German art attain such mellowness.

Near Kpenick once, a man thought of buying a new house, and turning his back on a vexatious Kobold.