Kooks [noun]

Definition of Kooks:

eccentric person

Synonyms of Kooks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kooks:


Sentence/Example of Kooks:

Even if you barely paid attention to surfing, you’d no doubt heard about angry locals, always men, threatening kooks at coveted breaks.

For now, I’d stay out of the water for a little while, but I’m a health kook.

Water they carried from near Kak-a-mak-kook, named from the alders growing round the stream.

Remember, it was between three and four centuries back that I lived, the first white man, on the coral isles of Raa Kook.

It might have been, and the yells the warning howls of a motorist who had burst or lost his honk-kook and his head.

Emile Kook, only ten years of age, considered as without a rival as a juvenile pianist.