Kowtowing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Kowtowing:

Make the flag of the free so well known and respected that everywhere peopled kowtow to the same and take off their hats.

After a great deal of kowtow, they were planted in two chairs opposite each other in the living-room.

As he declined to kowtow before the emperor, he was not admitted to the imperial presence and the mission proved 199 abortive.

To the emperor, the “kowtow” is performed by kneeling three times, each act accompanied by touching the ground with the forehead.

And yet he did not move—he made no movement save to kowtow for mercy with his head.

Want nothing better than to curtsy and kowtow when I flung out a gracious order?

It shows what a nice disposition you have, to come to me to-day, after the way my nephew made me kowtow to you yesterday.

We had to kowtow again in thanking Her Majesty for her kindness and finally she said: "Nemen tzowba" (you can go now).

I think it is perfectly frightful the way we bow down and kowtow to your beast—the great god Cash!

In the schools the students kowtow before a Confucian tablet twice each month.