Lab [noun]

Definition of Lab:

testing room

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Sentence/Example of Lab:

Replace that coefficient with a finite measurement from the lab.

Additional lab trials are also ongoing with Samsung, Verizon said.

The coronavirus can usually make 100 million copies of itself inside a cell in about a day, but Coleman says the deoptimized version will copy itself half as well in the lab.

In a lab dish of about 1 million human cells, she says the viral load can skyrocket from about one thousand infectious viruses to 10 million in just two days.

His lab made headlines in 2009 by showing that in mice, NK cells can learn from past experience.

That’s true whether you make it in a lab or get it from a lake.

Early hints that this rinse might work come from studies of the virus in lab dishes, including a paper published June 16 in the Journal of Prosthodontics.

It is as if the ancestral germline was “hijacked” by the bacteria, explains Matteen Rafiqi, who was a postdoctoral scientist in Abouheif’s lab and now leads his own lab at Bezmialem Vakif University in Istanbul.

Studies in labs have shown the virus can linger in the air for at least three hours.

PCR tests, while highly accurate, usually require at least a day or two to return results even under optimal conditions, and require more specialized equipment, labs and staff.