Labeled [verb]

Definition of Labeled:

mark, describe; brand

Synonyms of Labeled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Labeled:

Sentence/Example of Labeled:

Mrs. McAllister looked the garage over, and observed the newly labeled drawers.

With commendable enterprise he had fitted up a portion of his barn and had labeled it "Motor Garage" in huge letters.

Hollister no longer had a philosophy of life in which motives and actions were tagged and labeled according to their kind.

When the pure food law went into effect, Phenalgin was labeled a malaria germicide.

Food which contains this preservative will be so labeled and should not be given to children or people with weak digestion.

They come with other objects, labeled in the same way and forming one of a series of numbers among thousands.

They kept their "simples" in carefully protected and distinctly labeled sheaves.

Each jar should be thoroughly wiped on the outside with a clean damp cloth and labeled before putting away.

Each bottle should be labeled and the label should specify the amount of sugar used.

"But the bottle is labeled," Miss Price replied, fetching it from the table where Polly had set it down.