Labored [adjective]

Definition of Labored:

difficult to understand, unclear

Synonyms of Labored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Labored:

Sentence/Example of Labored:

Through the beautiful, windy autumn days, he labored at his difficult task, the task of telling a story.

Have we, then, labored at the most glorious of revolutions for so many years, to see it overthrown in a single day?

For some three years back I have labored under a disease of the throat—a bronchial affection—a severe affliction it was.

They were not pretenders and quacks; they were sceptics who denied subjective truths, and labored for outward advantage.

Robert was chairman, and had labored hard to prepare a few remarks with which to open the meeting.

Her overtures of familiarity and service was unskilfully made; her very timidity construed into labored condescension.

Monday noon, the faithful old Gillis car labored up the hill and came to a stop.

From dawn until dusk he labored, sometimes with Ba'tiste singing lustily beside him, sometimes alone.

The eyelids moved slightly; it was the only evidence of life, save the labored, irregular breathing.

By this pallid light I labored to strike the two empty tents, gather up our equipments and pack them on our five mules.