Laborer [noun]

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Millions brace for more layoffs, hunger and utility shutoffs as stimulus talks break downOn Thursday, Jenkins drove her old Dodge Caravan to a place that hires day laborers, hoping she could get on a cleaning or roofing crew.

Software is increasingly able to replicate or exceed the performance of human laborers, just as companies are looking to cut costs amid a global economic downturn, which puts existing jobs at risk, Lee said.

He lived in a small village in Haryana and worked as a driver and laborer in the fields.

Employers now tend to only hire laborers who have their own cars, one laborer told VOSD, out of fears of contracting the virus.

Last month, for example, the government banned dining in restaurants as part of its effort to suppress the third wave, effectively forcing manual laborers to eat on the street.

His parents were peasants and he wrought as a day laborer till he attracted attention.

The life of a laborer that is content with what he hath, shall be sweet, and in it thou shalt find a treasure.

The Washington manual laborer school and the Howard institution can bear testimony to his industry and patriotism.

Thus it lightens the toil of the weary laborer plodding along the highway of life.

She went through the usual routine of housework like a laborer who drags after him a ball and chain.