Labyrinthine [adjective]

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At a time when so many people are struggling to navigate labyrinthine websites and backed-up phone lines to track down a coronavirus vaccine, the Fabulous Ladies Book Club has demonstrated a remarkable efficiency.

An oppressively dark, cluttered, unnavigable wood-paneled disaster, Kylie’s childhood home feels labyrinthine and suffocating, even though it’s hardly the Overlook Hotel.

The labyrinthine story, which progresses simultaneously through 13 interwoven narratives, is the very best kind of sci-fi mind-boggler and a pleasure to unravel from start to finish.

That debate seems abstract on the surface, but it could have major implications for American businesses, whose labyrinthine global supply chains may reach into poor countries with patchy labor conditions far away from corporate headquarters.

In fact, most firms operating in the labyrinthine digital ad ecosystem have not placed any new limits on political advertisers since 2016, especially when it comes to targeting.

The three wended through the labyrinthine shades, finding their way with almost the instinct of wild animals.

Labyrinthine, subterranean, and full of subtleties as all these creeds appear to be, they are easy enough to comprehend.

The administrative offices of a giant mill such as the Chippering in Hampton are labyrinthine.

He couldn't bring himself to force his way through the labyrinthine tangle of circumstances that surrounded her.

There were sea-birds skimming the water as we threaded the labyrinthine channels that surround Juneau.