Laced [verb]

Definition of Laced:

fasten, intertwine

Synonyms of Laced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laced:

Sentence/Example of Laced:

Young Richard, never loath to fortify himself, proved amenable enough to the stiffly laced Canary that his friend set before him.

Then there was Mrs. Hartman, stout and tightly-laced, who had studied the science of elegance while her husband studied sugar.

Pointed means fitted or furnished with tagged points or laces; wearing points; laced.

We passed some very pretty peasant girls, dressed in bodices laced crossways with ribbon.

Wery proud I was in a gold-laced hat, a drab coat and a red weskit, to sit by his side, when he drove.

Last night it seems my aunt Wight did send my wife a new scarfe, laced, as a token for her many givings to her.

Up, and with my wife to church, where Pegg Pen very fine in her new coloured silk suit laced with silver lace.

Sammy gazed ruefully at a large rent in her skirt, and at a shoe half laced.

Her despair was laced with vitriol and she avoided a kind word about anybody.

Siebold, who really was no piker, was slipping on his gloves and having them laced up.