Lacelike [adjective]

Definition of Lacelike:

delicate, netlike

Synonyms of Lacelike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacelike:



Sentence/Example of Lacelike:

It was threaded on some sort of grass or vegetable fiber and caught in a network of the same lacelike filament.

The snowy petals, with their lacelike edges, closely resemble those of the white carnation.

Her bronze flesh was adorned with a lacelike tracery of beautiful design, in many tints.

She opened the box of candy, daintily pressed back the lacelike paper covering, and proffered some to him.

The moon's rays at intervals pierced the foliage, making lacelike patches of light in the gloom.

The interior is exquisite with lacelike carvings inlaid with semiprecious stones.

They had a lacelike quality: tall buildings linked by lines of flickering incandescence.

Then it bursts into yellow bloom still finer, more feathery and lacelike.

Over the moss-green earth "bespred with faire flowers" the branches of the stately trees threw lacelike shadows.

By midnight she had just finished stirring the fire-tongs through the ghostly, lacelike ashes of her wedding gown.