Laceration [noun]

Definition of Laceration:

cut, wound

Synonyms of Laceration:











Opposite/Antonyms of Laceration:

Sentence/Example of Laceration:

She had a severe laceration and died at the scene, police said.

A doctor told police that the type of internal injuries Gabriel exhibited, such as lacerations to his liver and kidney, require a “tremendous amount of force,” according to the court document.

The man then assaulted the acquaintance with a pocketknife, causing a laceration on the acquaintance’s hand.

Her very anxiety to conceal the signs of laceration betrayed the extent to which she had been torn.

He would espy the beauty of an old binding through any amount of abrasion and laceration.

But the icy welcome, the cold and contemptuous tone of my brother, put the finishing touch to the laceration of my heart!

She suffered from an old laceration of the heart, the more wounding in that, for pride's sake, she must ever deny it expression.

The windowpanes showed great ragged holes, which explained the laceration of Shagarach's hands.

Indeed some authors are of opinion that most cases of laceration are caused by the shoulders.

When a bone is broken there is usually laceration of the surrounding tissues.