Lacked [verb]

Definition of Lacked:

do not have

Synonyms of Lacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacked:



Sentence/Example of Lacked:

His public statement about the Pacers could indicate that a lack of outside interest in trading for his services limited his options.

That inactivity probably points to a lack of interest in this year’s top-tier prospects.

The reduction could also be an evolutionary response to a lack of predators.

That’s why training works the way it does—or more precisely, it’s why lack of training makes us unfit.

Just as Anna Tuchman told us today about the efficacy, or lack thereof, of TV advertising, Steve Tadelis is dying to tell us what he’s learned about the efficacy of digital advertising, and how the whole digital-ad ecosystem works.

The lack of a cooling fan means that performance does indeed start to slow down as heat builds up.

With all these varied, useful odors that ants produce, chances are you don’t know what they smell like because of a lack of curiosity, Penick says.

Symptoms can include shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, lack of appetite, nausea, difficulty concentrating and more.

Historically in the environmental movement, there’s been a real lack of representation of people of color, and a real lack of representation of diversity.

While the focus on near-term planning is expected, some media buyers and marketers worry that a lack of long-term planning could have a negative impact on brands in the future.