Lackluster [adjective]

Definition of Lackluster:

dull, lifeless

Synonyms of Lackluster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lackluster:

Sentence/Example of Lackluster:

However, rates leveled off in recent days, rising slightly following a lackluster jobs report and slipping on Wednesday after inflation data showed price pressures remained tame.

A lonely and lackluster student with little aptitude for athletics, he found sanctuary in a drama class and then a calling as an actor.

Failed acquisitions, lackluster management and customers’ preference for downloading new games rather than buying them in stores had shaved nearly 70 percent from the share price.

Running back David Johnson managed a lackluster 1,005 yards from scrimmage last year, ultimately ranking him 51st out of 63 qualified rushers per Pro Football Focus.

In particular, Casper’s lackluster IPO at the beginning of 2020 helped fuel concerns that DTC startups would fail to grow rapidly enough and justify their lofty valuations.

Swing-district moderates blamed unpopular left-wing policies and slogans such as “defund the police” for their losses, while liberals argued they have been scapegoated for moderates’ weak messaging and lackluster campaigns.

The university put forward a lackluster plan for the school year and had to adapt simultaneously with us students.

One reason they’ve continued to vote Democratic, despite the party’s long history of lackluster outreach, is that their policy goals are almost always more aligned with those of the Democrats.

They looked at us from their doors with lackluster eyes and apparent indifference.

Willard gazed through the window with lackluster eyes and shook his head feebly.