Lacks [noun]

Definition of Lacks:

deficiency, need

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacks:

Sentence/Example of Lacks:

There is also a lack of consumer applications that take advantage of the new technology so far.

As if the business-worthiness of Jenn’s idea had already been foreclosed by the potential investors’ lack of familiarity with the underlying product.

His lack of a reliable jumper from beyond midrange allows defenses to back away from him, daring him to shoot.

Alongside racial justice issues, Disposti said his top concerns are the department’s response to social services and mental health issues and lack of diversity of the police department’s staff.

Despite the risks, there’s a clear lack of regional diversity in many AI advisory boards, expert panels, and councils appointed by leading international organizations.

One limitation of the research is the lack of images of the athletes’ hearts prior to the illness for comparison, Rajpal and his colleagues write.

In it, they expressed their dissatisfaction and concern with the way the foundation has handled the awards, or the lack thereof, this year.

Moreover, the lack of movement in FiveThirtyEight’s forecast is one reason to not make too much hay of the change in Florida — at least, not yet.

Employers would need to provide written reasoning if they choose to hire someone else due to the laid-off applicant’s lack of qualification.

Republican critics of the ACA, however, blame poor management by the plans and lack of oversight by the Obama administration.