Lacquered [verb]

Definition of Lacquered:

add a layer to; embellish

Synonyms of Lacquered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacquered:

Sentence/Example of Lacquered:

A trained eye sees only the faint palimpsest of the war beneath layers of urbanization, expansion, suburbanization and all the lacquer that an affluent and busy society slathers on the past.

SpaceX also has swapped out two engines of the Falcon 9 rocket that would launch Saturday after detecting that a tiny valve vent was clogged with a lacquer used to prevent corrosion.

She moved now deliberately to Um's fusuma, tapping lightly on the lacquered frame.

She then entered, placing her small lacquered clogs beside those of her husband.

The finest of these are lacquered with silver and gold, while the harnesses and whips are made of real silver and gold.

He threw the letter back quickly, and closed the wonderfully adjusted drawer of the lacquered table.

In the meantime, have the other stuff cleaned up and lacquered; it keeps rust off, and saves the servants much trouble.

Those things which are lacquered must only be washed and then polished with flannel or chamois.

The chair is lacquered on some exceedingly light and porous wood, and has a cane seat.

Music-stands were also made of lacquered wood and decorated with gilt patterns and mother-of-pearl.