Lacquering [verb]

Definition of Lacquering:

add a layer to; embellish

Synonyms of Lacquering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacquering:

Sentence/Example of Lacquering:

You remained in the garage about a half hour lacquering your children's blocks.

It may be protected to some extent by lacquering with pale lacquer, but it loses some of its brilliancy and purity in the process.

The latter are prepared by varnishing or lacquering the former.

Women were employed extensively in the light chain trade, also in lacquering in the brass trade, and in many other occupations.

The process of lacquering is as tedious to-day as it ever was, and the reproductions sell for goodly sums.

There are two processes in simple lacquering, which may be defined as cold and hot.

It must be borne in mind that the lacquering was often but an afterthought decoration.

In lacquering guns care is to be taken to leave the distinguishing marks and numbers distinctly visible.

It is something like successful lacquering in brasswork—it looks very simple, but is not.