Lacunae [noun]

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Moreover, current discussion exhibits, if not a complete void, at least a decided lacuna as to propositions of this type.

Here the Elphinstone MS. recommences after a lacuna extending from ai.

On the eel-grass are to be found Lacuna vincta and the delicate iridescent little shells of Margarita helicina.

The same lacuna leaves it doubtful whether any collective title was prefixed to the διθύραμβοι.

The triangular projection in front of the median lacuna is the body or cushion of the frog.

An incision is then made in each lateral lacuna of the frog, the two meeting at the frog's point.

As there is probably a lacuna after Διόθεν, it is impossible to arrive at any certain meaning.

Sometimes one cell is seen in each lacuna, sometimes shortly after cell-division a lacuna may contain two or more cells.

A sub-genus of Natica, described as intermediate between Sigaretus and Lacuna.

The history of the development of those creatures was still unknown—a notable lacuna in embryology.