Lacy [adjective]

Definition of Lacy:

delicate, netlike

Synonyms of Lacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacy:



Sentence/Example of Lacy:

The play hath little in it but Lacy's part of a country fellow, which he did to admiration.

The play pleased us very well; but Lacy's part, the Dancing Master, the best in the world.

"I saw Mr. Lacy upon the street, to-day," remarked Mr. Read, the next evening at supper.

She gathered from their conversation that they had met Mr. Lacy at the Springs, whither he had gone with an invalid sister.

"It is for a lady who will not part with it, even to procure me a press of clients—for my mother," returned Mr. Lacy.

A deadly light glowed there for an instant, and was extinguished in softness, as she assailed Mr. Lacy.

Ain't that tall gentleman, with black whiskers, that visits here so constant, named Mr. Lacy?

Ida was in an embowered recess, Mr. Lacy for a companion, and Charley hanging around to play propriety.

Sir De Lacy Evans got on shore with his staff about half-past ten o'clock.

Sir De Lacy Evans was the only general whose staff had been careful enough to provide him with a tent.