Lad [noun]

Definition of Lad:

young man

Synonyms of Lad:

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Sentence/Example of Lad:

Egypt was once a land of mystery; now, every lad, on leaving Eton, yachts it to the pyramids.

The soldiers killed a young lad who tried to pass, or wounded him so severely that it is said that he died.

Again the unknown power smote the lad to the earth, which had become a raging sea.

Through a narrow door about three feet high the lad and his tutor entered their room.

Even now, one volume lay on the window ledge, where the happy lad had risen to study it as soon as daylight came.

The lad had hurried away from Seth Winters's office and was already well along with his work while they were thus discussing him.

A man driving a number of cattle to Boston, one of his cows went into a barn-yard, where there stood a young lad.

A lad, standing by while his father lost a large sum at play, burst into tears.

She's a charming small woman, as many another lad than poor Jim or gay Herbert will find some day.

He was honestly glad of the lad's return, being always somewhat anxious over his long absences.