Lade [verb]

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Thare iz jist this difference between a fule and a hen, the fule cackels before, and the hen not till after the egg iz lade.

She caught it on a fly with both hands, as I lade down on the floor to convince my wife I was in earnest in what I said.

The mills are supplied with water from the mill-lade, and one of them obtains water from the Tweed when necessary.

He did not lade it, not having the means to do so; he sold it for six hundred pesos, and paid the hospital two hundred pesos.

For he has publicly traded and engaged in commerce, and has gone to Cavite to lade his exports.

Yet scoop and lade it well a while, to make the mixtion more perfect, and set the working well on foot.

Now Lade is a small island lying opposite the city of the Milesians.

The title was not taken even by so great a man as Earl Haakon of Lade, who had kings practically dependent on him.

Yet sometimes these boats are overset; but there can be but small loss on such occasions, as they lade but little at a time.

Another ship goes yearly from Malacca for Siam to lade Verzino.