Ladies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ladies:

There were at least a dozen ladies seated round the big table at the Parsonage.

There were three young men and four young ladies, of whom three, including myself, were Americans.

Devoutly and ardently did Mr. Snodgrass wish that the ladies could know he had come in.

In his cracked old voice, he still paid his Grandisonian compliments to the two ladies.

Orlean had secured a position in a ladies' tailoring establishment at five dollars and fifty cents a week, and there he went.

Smoking now is as common as eating and drinking, and to smoke amongst ladies is a vulgarity.

The smoking of cigarettes by the ladies is quite common, especially among the higher classes.

His knowledge of the East was extraordinary, and later, when the ladies had retired, he related many curious experiences.

Certain hours are allotted to the ladies' classes, and special terms are made for young men and schoolboys.

Said to be aristocratically connected, he was the admiration of all and the darling of the young ladies of Derby.