Lading [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lading:

And they'd have to get definite word about the extension of a railroad siding for the lading purposes, too.

By the help of the capstan he had raised to the deck of the Durande the package which he had made of the lading of the sloop.

The buoyant koker-booms acted admirably, keeping the decks, with all lading on them, high and dry.

The rafts were to be taken apart, and, with their lading, transported overland piecemeal.

Their lading had been already put ashore, as river, or no river, they could be of no further service there.

For heart and hope were the lading of the little picture boat that sailed out that day, with no wind but her wishes in its sails.

She satisfied her conscience by lading their ship with precious gifts destined for the propitiation of the Enchanter.

Hurriedly taking off her bodice, she crouched at the boiler while the water ran slowly into her lading-can.

The second in the facility and good service for lading and unlading ships.

In another part, the merchants of the caravan and Indian traders were superintending the lading of the waggons, or mule packs.