Lads [noun]

Definition of Lads:

young man

Synonyms of Lads:

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Sentence/Example of Lads:

Nogués and his brave lads have done their bit indeed for the glory of the Army of France.

They lay there—the line of our brave lads, plainly visible to a pair of good glasses—there they actually lay!

Be so good as to remember me to the lads and the Manilla man, and write me by return of post.

A lean, cadaverous boy from along the mountain, a born enemy of the lads of the village, had dared me.

He had gone into camp with some other lads of the Heights and had himself almost forgotten his home in the fun of that outing.

The wet uniforms were hung up to dry, Mr. Darwood in the meantime lending the lads some other garments.

The two handsome lads had cut their hair; but they had neither cut their lips nor pulled their beards.

Never look behind, lads,” he cried; “look ahead; always look right ahead.

There were a lot of cops up there, a lot of plain clothes men and lads from the homicide bureau.

Now the lads are in the meadow; very soon they feel their feet sinking in the soft ground where the rank grass grows.