Ladylike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ladylike:

There were plenty of ladylike things girls could do, she said, but did not give herself the trouble to specify.

If a girl is not well trained in ladylike demeanor before arriving at the college age she is, of course, hopeless.

All her relations with life and society would be blameless, orthodox, ladylike and thoroughly English.

Who is it that improves men an' makes thim more ladylike, an' thin quits thim, but th' ladies?

She appeared to have put it by with a deprecating, ladylike smile—a plea of being too soft and bland for experience.

"If we were really ladylike persons we'd be afraid to go scurrying off here in the dark," observed Molly.

As she spoke a youth of willowy figure, languishing dark eyes and ladylike manner drew near.

The expression is Egerton's, and I'm sorry to say his expressions are not always ladylike, however telling they are!

She is very stately and ladylike, and in her younger days was very beautiful.

Her name is Miss Ethel, and she is a ladylike but depressing phenomenon, all made up of nerves and American insubstantiality.