Ladylove [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ladylove:

Sisters, give leave to Monsieur de Boulingrin to pass, that he may go to the castle, and kiss his ladylove.

His silent ladylove might occasionally be seen flitting from bough to bough.

Jupiter vainly sought his missing ladylove, and it was only long afterward that he discovered her and her little bear son Arcas.

He had won his ladylove at last, and the only further doubt remained as to how the matter was to be carried out.

It was about this time that Giorgione's ladylove won fame by discarding him in that foolish, fishwife fashion.

His ladylove was faithless and loves another, and his honeymoon is indefinitely postponed.

The next morning's mail brought the desired letters to father, sisters, and ladylove.

He is forthwith shunned, but his ladylove remains faithful to him on his making the very natural change of Hogsflesh into Bacon.

We called my grandmother "Ladylove," because I guess that is what my grandfather called her.

Nobody ever called her anything else but Ladylove, not "Gran'ma" or anything like that.