Lagged [verb]

Definition of Lagged:

move slowly; delay

Synonyms of Lagged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lagged:

Sentence/Example of Lagged:

Roblox files to go publicNaturally there is a lag between when a deal is struck and when it is announced.

Given the lag between infection and diagnosis, it’s still difficult to tell whether or not Germany’s second wave has crested.

There will certainly be a lag between long form content models such as Big Bird and ClusterFormer and significant improvements in long documents for the likes of BERT et al, in production search.

That’s because, in addition to providing fast download speeds, 5G also provides quicker connectivity with less lag.

Publishers with commerce operations have long struggled with the lag between when they drive sales for affiliate networks and retailers and when said networks and retailers report those sales.

With tech solutions like this, it’s critical for the aircraft maker to ensure that there’s no lag, or delay, between what the cameras see and what’s displayed on screen for the aviators.

That way, the publisher could introduce price competition between the two ad servers if consent has been given — but it could cause lags in page loading time for users.

Yet with ongoing shortages of federal and state-provided testing in some areas, plus significant lag times to get results, it’s been hard for Americans to successfully carry out these plans.

First-class delivery has slowed since March, with notable lags in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Houston and Southern California, according to data from GrayHair Software, which tracks postal analytics.

The principle of liberty and human dignity was accepted everywhere in theory, however much realisation lagged.