Lagging [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lagging:

Most of what ails the Mavericks can be traced back to their lagging offense and shooting woes.

Your customer loyalty rate, which could be a lagging indicator, can help signal when you might need to source feedback and reevaluate your user journey so that customers are likely to spend more when they do shop with you.

Large organizations are oftentimes slow to change, offering a lagging indicator of social innovation.

Google announced its plans to buy Fitbit in November 2019, describing the bid for the smartwatch maker as a boost to its lagging hardware business.

A pandemic is a series of lagging indicators which must all be considered to paint the full picture.

Deaths are a lagging indicator — that is, it generally takes a few weeks for people to sicken and die from the coronavirus.

Public health officials these days say the latest outbreak is not an alarming one as the number of hospitalizations and deaths, a lagging indicator, are still under control.

If there’s a silver lining in the latest numbers it’s that there are far fewer hospitalizations and deaths, always a lagging indicator.

Their steps were 47 lagging, and their eyes burned from straining them to catch one glimpse of daylight.

The pack train was now put in motion, Phil directing his companions to ride in the rear and keep the animals from lagging.