Laid [verb]

Definition of Laid:

put, place

Synonyms of Laid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laid:

Sentence/Example of Laid:

The inner ends of the burrows were enlarged with a depression in the floor, where the eggs were laid.

Madame Ratignolle laid her hand over that of Mrs. Pontellier, which was near her.

The Mexican artillery soon laid a part of the fort in ruins.

He sighed as he laid the papers on the table; for he thought the task would be a harder one than even his own immolation.

We laid him down gently, folded his arms on his breast, and for a moment held our peace in tribute to his passing.

From Canada on the north, to Texas on the south, the hot winds had laid the land seemingly bare.

The tea was all laid on tables in the garden, and the sausages were cooking over a fire made on the grounds.

An with that I laid down on the settee, an felt orful bad, an the more I tho't about it, the wus I felt.

It laid its hold upon agriculture, sowing and reaping the grain and transporting it to the ends of the earth.

He laid it upon the floor, and took out a plaster mask, and brushing and blowing off the saw-dust, held it up.