Lairds [noun]

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A story is told of the familiarity between the laird and his riding horse, which was well-fed and full of spirit.

A laird, in the county of Aberdeen, had a well-stocked fowl yard, but could never get any new-laid eggs for breakfast.

According to the literal meaning, it would seem that the Laird of Brodie was something less than a gentleman?

Mistress Jean she was makin' the elder-flower wine; "And what brings the Laird at sic a like time?"

My eagerness to do so had departed when I heard of "the auld laird's" death.

God be wi' the gude Laird o' Balmaghie, for he ne'er took mair frae a poor man than a' that he had.

Oor hero was borr-rn in affluent saircumstances his faither bein' the laird o' Maclacity, his mither a Fitzroy o' Soosex.

In Scotland the laird's lands were unenclosed till deep in the eighteenth century.

Remembering that he found his fullest joy in climbing to the topmost peaks, we have called him The Laird of Skyland.

When I was leevin' as an under gairdener wi' a laird i' Argyleshire I was aye aboot the kennels wi' the gillies.