Laity [noun]

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The nuns were forbidden to visit the laity in Romsey, and other like ordinances were enjoined.

The magistrates and the laity insisted that the clergy must bear their share of the common burden.

The laity are awaking to the fact that priests are strenuously endeavouring to quench the light of reason in the fogs of faith.

This answer would be exhaustive, if it were the fact that the laity made the law for the theologians.

Formamint Tablets are widely advertised and extravagantly exploited to the laity in Great Britain.

The laity have little knowledge of it, but it is well known by the clergy.

In the Presbyterianism which Calvin instituted he maintained that the Church is represented by the laity as well as by the clergy.

Here Edward I. met a large gathering of clergy and laity, and demanded half their possessions.

Many of the laity co-operate in church work and liberally support it.

Extreme caution indeed was used in applying this test to the laity, but pressure was more roughly put on the clergy.