Lakeshore [noun]

Definition of Lakeshore:

ground bounding waters

Synonyms of Lakeshore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lakeshore:


Sentence/Example of Lakeshore:

By two o'clock the entire camp was scouring forest, lakeshore, and river banks for Mabel or traces of Mabel.

He liked this lakeshore country and he intended to stay in it.

The scarlet plane had disappeared but from the drone of the motor they knew it was somewhere in the hills back from the lakeshore.

He took a page up from the pile of cut sheets: the model farm at Kinnereth on the lakeshore of Tiberias.

"Don't worry a bit about to-night, Janet," Laura told her, when they all hurried away from the lakeshore about dusk.

Five minutes later they were at the main pier on the lakeshore.

She dwelt (said evening secretly to the bat) in a little temple by a lone lakeshore.

Along the lakeshore, the land is relatively flat, which may have facilitated east-west movement.

He imagined the city gridded up with junk equipment, radiating Internet access from the lakeshore to the outer suburbs.

Stirring and wild, wonderful scenes are encountered during storms on mountain-tops, by the lakeshore, and in cañons.