Lamas [noun]

Definition of Lamas:

man who is minister in roman or orthodox catholic church

Synonyms of Lamas:

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Sentence/Example of Lamas:

His influence is hardly so great as it used to be, still he is the great Brahmin and the grand Lama of the locality.

Outside was a rude altar made of stones from the river-bed, where a Lama was burning incense and chanting prayers.

Then he continued his questions, asking much about the Lama, and the customs and religion of his people.

They only knew that the lama who had been walled in for sixty-nine years had wished to see the sun again before he died.

The Linga monks said that an ordinary lama, when he dies, is cut in pieces and abandoned to the birds.

And Death has not to wait, entreat, and coax, for the lama has waited and longed for his welcome and only guest and deliverer.

We had previously passed two towers which had formerly been the fort of a rebellious lama.

From the roof of the Saka-gompa with a statue of Padma Sambhava the single lama of the monastery blows his conch.

I must go there, if I clothe myself in the rags of a mendicant lama and beg my way from one black tent to another.

But they understood that this was owing to my friendship with the Tashi Lama, who had given me his holy blessing.