Lambasted [verb]

Definition of Lambasted:

punish, beat

Synonyms of Lambasted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lambasted:

Sentence/Example of Lambasted:

They said Republicans sought to dismantle a safety-net program they long had lambasted as offering “Obamaphones,” even though the former president didn’t create it.

The jetty was legally installed in 1970 and has become a beloved destination, but I wonder if it would have been lambasted in the age of social media.

In late August, an update to the regulation passed the SEC commission with two of five commissioners dissenting, lambasting the amendment for falling “silent” on climate change.

Oil workers and executives testified about the jobs that supported their families, and they lambasted “environmental extremists” and state officials.

In short, her pitch is well-tuned to conservative Missouri, decrying government waste and lambasting out-of-touch elites.

He aint gonna lambaste half our crew an the ole man, an git away wid it!

Jake, who's been itching to lambaste the man, says 's-far's he can see, it was the poolroom man who did all the talking.

I want to go out and help lambaste those infernally cocksure armies of that jelly-and-cream King.

An' then, whoop they come over to England, an' they lambaste the Anglo-Saxons, an' talk to 'em about 'honneur.'

They lambaste impartially and with a certain Irish delight in doing the job thoroughly.