Lamed [verb]

Definition of Lamed:

put out of action

Synonyms of Lamed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lamed:

Sentence/Example of Lamed:

Sometimes they would have to lay by two or three days on account of the frozen road, which cut their feet and lamed them.

A special class of legends that have been evolved in Slavic countries are those that tell of the Lamed-wow-niks.

Lamed said of him: "He was very far from being one who tried in any way to make himself popular."

Lamed, like many others, likens Mark Twain to Lincoln in various of his characteristics.

Clemens had a poor opinion of his own comprehension of politics, and perhaps as little regard for Lamed's conception of humor.

But the experiment is not always without danger, and many animals are lamed by the spines of the cactus.

Tis Ralph, I can tell thee; nay, tis he in faith, though he be lamed by the wars.

Albert Scribner, age 32, severely wounded in hip, probably lamed for life.

Prosper in Mahren, all these are lamed; one right stroke at the heart, the limbs become manageable quantities!

The best he could make of this present situation was to get this lamed girl to a public highway as soon as he could.