Lamentable [adjective]

Definition of Lamentable:

upsetting, miserable

Synonyms of Lamentable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lamentable:

Sentence/Example of Lamentable:

In fact, Monte Irvin had made a success of every affair in life with the lamentable exception of his marriage.

This station has been maintained for some years, at a lamentable expense of the lives and health of white missionaries.

It seemed a lamentable thing that the King of Asturia should be so lost to all sense of his position.

He wrote to his friends in England imploring, remonstrating, complaining of their lamentable want of public spirit.

The state of the Irish Church during the early years of Elizabeth was as lamentable as it is possible to conceive.

So does Romont picture mens fingers pointing to the story of Charalois as a noteworthy and lamentable thing.

The bishop emitted lamentable cries and essayed to resist the men who were dragging him into the donjon.

The result of this expedition was one of the most fruitless and lamentable that has ever occurred in the history of warfare.

Then he made a lamentable effort to deliver himself of fulminations after the manner of the Chief's grandiloquence.

Then the lamentable outcries sank to a gasping and sobbing which could only be imagined by the spectators on the hill.