Lamentably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Lamentably:

From the time of Dean Swift downwards, it has mostly suffered from being lamentably unfashionable.

The congregation of Trinity Church is better than it was a few years ago, but it is still lamentably, small.

Mademoiselle Desgarcins had got up, shaken herself, and gone to rejoin her companions, who were still howling lamentably.

He would have made his brother Duke such as he was himself,—had not his brother Duke been so lamentably thin-skinned.

The moment he approached they fell to the ground, and whimpered and howled most lamentably as long as he was near them.

Of officers the "Merrimac" had no lack, and good ones they were; but in her crew she was lamentably deficient.

His synthesis is to my mind almost lamentably unsatisfactory, but the book makes a station, an tape, in the expression of things.

But he was still lamentably indecisive about his future, and when a new printer looked in upon the Advance he stepped aside.

The native appears to respect these characteristics perhaps all the more because he is so lamentably deficient in them himself.

How lamentably insufficient our three carts appeared standing there in the road with this screaming Forest on every side of one!