Lamentations [noun]

Definition of Lamentations:

grief, complaint

Synonyms of Lamentations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lamentations:

Sentence/Example of Lamentations:

To get rid of our lamentations, the captain launched out in praises of the charming little town, and had us conveyed to land.

Now they sunk back upon their pillows in despair, and lamentations and wailings filled the prison.

Under this passion of tears, lamentations, and maledictions Don Juan remains unmoved; he has done what he has wished.

Bitter were the lamentations of the king for the friend of his childhood, but his grief did not show itself only in weeping.

Abdullah did so, whereupon the ladies set up a series of piercing shrieks and lamentations.

Her grief at this separation from Jack took the form of intense and violent lamentations.

Apollonie broke out into such lamentations and complaints after these words that Mzli could not bear it.

The princess renewed her complaints and lamentations in a most affecting manner.

Even then there were lamentations because of a shortage in the supply of pancakes.

They were all drunk, and paid no heed to her cries and lamentations.