Lamented [verb]

Definition of Lamented:

to mourn or grieve deeply

Synonyms of Lamented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lamented:

Sentence/Example of Lamented:

He distinguished himself under Napoleon, by whom he was greatly lamented.

In memory of the late lamented general the present five-peso bank notes bear his vignette.

In view of approaching death, she often lamented that she could not see her daughter well married before she left the world.

So they talked and lamented when they saw a peasant woman approach who carried a basket of fruit.

Malicious persons in the town even declared that the lamented Torvestad had got his wife in a lottery at Christiansfeldt.

Others muttered that the event which all good men lamented was to be ascribed to unprincipled ambition.

Operations went on slowly, and the smooth days we had wasted at sea were bitterly lamented.

It was not only her tea-set she lamented, but the hardness of life wherein any creature should be worried down and caught.

His father lamented her demise for about a year, and then married again, several children being the result of this second union.

Merlin sat here below his apple-tree and lamented Gwendolen; here spoke with Kentigern; here fell into his enchanted trance.